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Selected and matched Potentiometers

wild bunch of selected and matched potentiometers

Modern pots can have incredible tolerances, even the expensive ones. Differences up or down to 30% of the value they should have are not rare. So a set of matched pots inside your guitar can enhance the tonal quality drastically. We mostly use high quality CTS pots as well as some other brabds and all of them are tested for functionality, value, taper and tone! For this we use a self developed testing device that can simulate every guitar or bass circuit under real conditions. We can match sets of any number you want to, eg. two for a Tele, three for a Strat, four for a Les Paul ...... matching means not only to have some pots with the same nominal resistance, we also match the taper and select them for functionality in certain guitar and bass circuits. You have the choice between a lot of options: metal or plastic pots / normal size or mini size / linear or audio (aka "log") taper / long or short shaft / solid or splined shaft / 4mm or 6mm shafts / metric or non-metric shafts / push-pull pots / push-push pots / no-load pots / stereo pots / concentric pots / center detent pots ....

Price: call for a price !

Because of all this options it's not possible to list each combination and the price, so please call for a price and tell us all the details. We will charge the price for the pot + $ 5.50 / 5.00 €uros each for the matching process because this will need some time to do it right. Here are some of our favorite pots we stock:

Military graded Fender replacement pot This is the holy grail for all Fender guitars, a US made, military graded 24mm all metal pot with a much better taper than the CTS pots. Available in 250k and 500k, two shaft lengths and knurled shaft top. If you want the best pot available for your Fender axe, here it is ! Also available as "no-load" versions ! (SKU: milp)
Centralab vintage replica pots Something we all have waited and hoped for for so long: exact replicas of the old Centralab pots from the 50īs and early 60īs you can find in almost all Les Paul and 335īs from this time. The holy grail when it comes to vintage tapered pots to nail the exact Burst tone, available in medium (like the original from the 50īs) and also long shaft for all Les Paul models with a thick top. The audio taper is an exact reproduction of the originals, available in 500k vintage audio. Also available as no-load version.(SKU: centrep)
long shafted metal pots for Les Paul For Les Paul as well as a lot of other guitars with a thick top you need pots with a long shaft. Here it is, all metal, plain bottom plate with a 20mm shaft out of highly selected military supply. It has a great feel and useful taper, the best replacement Les Paul pot we know. It has a splined, universal shaft and can take metric as well as US non-metric knobs. We stock them as 250k, 300k and 500k pots, and they are all also available as "no-load" versions ! (SKU: lpp)
millitary graded in-between shafted metal pot When the pots with a normal long shaft are to small and the long-shafted Les Paul pots are to big, this pot is for you. It's an millitary graded 24mm all metal pot with a "in between" 10mm shaft. This pot is available with a solid or a metric splined shaft that can take metric as well as US non-metric knobs. Very good feel and taper. Also available as "no-load" versions ! (SKU: inbetwp)
CTS standard pots with splinded shaft This is the wellknown CTS standard pot with a splined shaft, that a lot of companies are using, eg. Fender and Gibson. A fresh set of this little rascals can enhance your sound drastically. They are very relieable and will last a very long time. (SKU: ctsv)
CTS standard pots with solid shaft The same CTS standard pot as above, but with a solid shaft and a plain bottom plate, aka "vintage style pot". Used eg. by Fender (Telecaster) and many other companies. (SKU: ctsstd)
CTS standard pots with nylon shaft The same CTS standard pot as above, but with a universal, combined solid/splined nylon shaft and a plain bottom plate. Used by a lot of companies. Our personal favorite because the nylon shaft prevents statical noise that often occur on Strats and semi-acoustic guitars and the very reasonable price. Also a great choice for amps ! (SKU: ctsnyl)
Alessandro guitar pots You never paid more for a guitar pot ;-). Made in Canada by Alessandro, featuring a proprietary custom audio taper that some pros swear on. This audio taper pot eliminates the jumpiness often seen in lesser quality pots. Alessandro custom military spec carbon custom taper pots come standard with a 3/8" (9.5mm) bushing and split knurled or solid stainless steel shaft. (SKU: allesp)
Old Value pot with splined shaft Are you looking for a pot (especially for your Les Paul guitar) with this "old values" 220k, 300k or 470k from the golden guitar days ? Here it is, with a long 12mm shaft and knurled, metric shaft out of brass. This pot is build like a tank and will last a very long time. The taper is excellent, no hot spots ! (SKU: osvalp)
MIJ budget pot A good and relieable japanese pot with a plain bottom plate and a splinded, metric shaft. You will find this pots in a lot of guitars from the far east. They offer a good quality at a very fair price, also a good choice for DIY stompboxes. (SKU: japp)
ALPHA pots The pots from the ALPHA company are the standard choice from a lot of guitar companies, eg. Ibanez, Squier and Epiphone. The overall quality as well as the price is very good and this pots will last a very long time without any troubles. (SKU: alphp)
push/pull pots Push/Pull and Push/Push pots in a large number of different types for coil-splitting, in-phase/out-of-phase switching, seriell/parallel switching etc. We almost every type for any application in stock, even the Les Paul types with the long shaft ! From metric to non-metric, knurled or smooth shafts, with SPST or 2PDT switches, audio or linear .... please tell us what you want to do with the pot and we will recommend you the best solution for your needs. (SKU: ppp)
Our EASY push/pull disc is available seperately, please see the "little helpers" section (SKU: ppp)
Clearostat pots A rectangular, high quality mini pot with a splined shaft that can be shorten to any desired length easily. Very useful for all guitars without a lot of space for the electronics. Very good taper ! (SKU: rectbl)
military pots All metal military pots that will survive any abuse, the most rigid pots we know. The heavy solid metal shaft can be shorten to any length and the taper of this pots is ideal for guitars. Also a great choice for DIY stompboxes of all kind. (SKU: milmet)
ALPHA mini pots All metal, 16mm mini pot from the ALPHA company with splined or solid shaft. A good and reliable pot for all guitars, suffering from small space for the electronics. Also the standard pot in most boutique and DIY stompboxes. (SKU: alph16p)
military mini pots All metal, rectangular mini pot out of military supply. This pots will withstand any abuse and will last forever without any troubles. Very smooth taper action and simply the best you can buy for money. (SKU: milrect)
military concentric pots All metal, rectangular concentric pot out of military supply, same parameters as the pot above. If you are looking for the best concentric pots for your Jazz Bass or any other application, here it is ! (SKU: concp)
military cement pots All metal, rectangular subminiature cement pot out of military supply, same parameters as the pot above. Ideal for very small electronic compartments or if you want to install a lot of pots on a standard Telecaster control plate. This pots are sealed and will last a lifetime. (SKU: rectmin)
military graded mini pots A military graded mini pot with a great taper and a knurled shaft. Ideal for very small electronic compartments or if you want to install a lot of pots on a standard Telecaster control plate etc. This pots are completely sealed and will last a lifetime. (SKU: rechtmingr)
blend pots All metal blend pots in different types and different values (10, 50, 100, 250, 500k) with or without center-detent. We also stock blend pots, where one half of the taper has 0k in the middle position to avoid the typical volume drop in the middle position of other blend pots ! (SKU: blendp)
pots for jazz guitars All metal special 8 mm pots with a very short shaft, especially for Jazz guitars ! Available in 25k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1Meg audio with splined shaft. You can also use this pots inside guitars, with very limited space for the electronics. (SKU: jazzp)
thumbwheel pots for jazz guitars Ultraslim and accurate 500k thumbwheel pots, perfect for mounting under floating pickguards such as on jazz guitars. Great feel and taper ! The pots are coming completely assembeled, so no further fumbling required. (SKU: jazzthumb)

If you need a very special pot that you can't find anywhere, we can have it build especially for you in our custom shop ! Please tell us what you need, and one of our techs will take care of your wishes ! No matter if it is a special value, taper or a fancy switching feature, it can be done.

potentiometer custom shop

If you want to find out more about pots in general, please have a look at our pot column, that was published in the "Premier Guitar Magazine" in the November 2006 issue.

F Y I We don't stock and sell any NOS or used pots from the past and we can't sell you any of the sought-after old-style 65:35 taper ratio pots ! Your best bet is to contact your local HAMER dealer or distributor and ask for their special designed volume pots. They have this special taper and are an excellent choice, but very expensive. If you are looking for NOS vintage pots, please send us an email - chances are good that we can name you someone who sells such stuff ;-)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Rotary Switches

This are high quality rotary switches, perfect for guitars, amps and stompboxes. All switches are tested for functionality and tone before shipping. You have the choice between solid shafted and splined shafted versions with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 switching positions, it's all the same price, please have a look at the circuit drawing below for the technical details. Technically you have the choice between the following configurations: 1P12T (single pole, 12 throws), 2x1P12T, 2P4T, 2P6T, 3P4T, 4P3T and 6P2T. Further on, you have the choice between plastic and metal switches. All the plastic switches have long 6mm shafts and you can shorten them easily to any length you want to while the metal switches have a short 6mm metal shaft, same as a standard 24mm pot for guitars. The switches are perfect for any guitar or bass and give you a wide range of switching possibilities. If you are looking for a new high-quality rotary replacement switch for your PRS guitar, or a rotary switch to add PRS-style switching to any axe, this ones here are for you ! If you need a knurled shaft on the plastic shafted switches, you can use a Dremel tool with a cutter-head to mill some lines into the shaft and there you are - works perfectly and easy to do ! We also have additional PCB's for all rotary switches, ideal for complexe projects or to avoid a cable mess inside your guitar. Please note: if you want to switch capacitors, you should pur a drop-down resistor in parallel with each cap, to avoid penetrating switching noises ! We have such resistors in stock, please ask if you need such special resistors.

rotary switches with solid shaft and PCB
rotary switches with knurled shaft

$ 3.85 / 3.50 €uros for each rotary switch (SKU: rotsw)
$ 4.40 / 4.00 €uros for the PCB's (SKU: rotsw-pcb)         

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally

Out-Of-Phase Switches

plug'n'play out-of-phase switch

This are plug'n'play out-of-phase switches, ready to drop in. All you have to do, is to follow our step-by-step photo guide to solder the cables of the pickups in place, and to connect the switch to the circuit. Very easy to do, most of the connections are already soldered to the switch. The out-of-phase option is a coll addition to any guitar, and provides a completely new tonal color. Think of a lot of Hendrix and Brian May stuff and you know what I mean. Our out-of-phase toggle switch is a high-quality version that will work trouble-free for a very long time. Each switch is tested before shipped out to you !

Our customers can download the instructions how to install the plug'n'play out-of-phase switches H E R E You will need a password to open the file and we only send it to verified customers - sorry, no exeptions !

$ 7.15 / 6.50 €uros for each out-of-phase switch (SKU: oop-sw)

Prices incl. VAT - packing, delivery and PayPal charges will be added additionally